Название: Aircraft engineering (Морозова М. А.)

Жанр: Авиационные технологии и управление

Просмотров: 1870

Unit ii passenger transportation


Rules of passenger transportation on international routes. Tickets and fares

Tickets may be purchased in advance both one way and round tup. Return tickets are valid for one year from the date of purchase. The free baggage an- noyance is 30 kegs on First Class and 20 kegs on Tourist Class booking. Pas- senger must pay for the excess weight. The fare for infants under 2 years of age and not occupying individual seats is 10 per cent of the adult fare each infant must be accompanied by an adult. If an infant under 2 years is provided a seat, the fare is 50 per cent of the adult fare. If a passenger takes; along 2 or more children below 2 years of age tile ire is 50 per cent. Children from 2 to 12 years of age are allowed half-fare with a separate seat for each and there is free bag- gage allowance for them. There is no free baggage allowance for children trav- eling at 10 per cent fare. If a child under 8 years of age is not accompanied, the full fare h paid. No article may be taken on board that is customs-prohibited. Passengers must have passports, visas, customs quittance, health certificates and other papers required by law or regulations. Check-in operations begin 2 hours prior to departure, they must be completed 40 minutes prior to departure No confirmation of reservations is required for a single passenger or a group of travelers not more than 4 persons. If passengers are going to make a stop-over for more than 72 hours, they should confirm the reservations not later than, 72 hours before the next take off. No confirmation is necessary if the stay en route lasts less than 72 hours. If a group returns tickets within the period from 72 to

48 hours before take off 10 per cent of the fare is deducted, if it is done later than 48 hours before take off, the deduction rises to 25 per cent. If a ticket is lost, the passenger can get a replacement. If a passenger is improperly docu- mented, they may refuse to carry him, cancel the reserved seat or deplane him.


Passenger transportation


Before the departure the passengers must arrive at the airport at the estab- lished time for registration, checking-in of baggage and cabin baggage. Each

passenger is given a boarding card (pass) to be produced at the departure gate and to the stewardess boarding the plane. Then the passengers proceed to board the plane accompanied by an airport official. Passengers with children and inva- lids enjoy priority for boarding the plane. Passengers can make a stopover in an international airport; they must announce it booking the reservation. The sto- pover is marked in the ticket. The time of the stopover must not exceed the time of validity of the ticket. Passengers with transit tickets must register them at the change-over airport not later than one hour after the arrival. Passengers fasten the safety belts when the sign lights up in the cabin. Passengers disembark only on the invitation of the steward or a crew member, and then they proceed to the terminal.

Carrier may refuse to carry a passenger and/or cancel the reserved space and / or remove at a place en route:

         passengers who are improperly documented, whose transportation by air represents a danger or risk to other passengers or to property;

         passengers who show signs of disease and may cause distress to others;


         passengers who are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or narcotics. Passengers are provided with complimentary meals or refreshments. Ve-

getarian meals or diet food may be served on board. Certain articles are availa- ble on board for general use. Special ground transportation services are availa- ble for passengers between the city terminal and airport. A passenger may take along one child not older than 5 years of age passage-free if no separate seat is required for it. Children from 5 to 12 are allowed half-fare with a separate seat for each. If a passenger travels with 2 or more children below 5 years of age, one of them is taken passage-free and the rest are allowed half-fare. School- children, students, postgraduates are allowed a 30 \% discount from October 1 to April 25. Fare cuts are made for a group of tourists not less than 15 persons. If there are 24 persons in the group the guide may travel free. The passengers must know the amount of luggage they may take along passage free. There’s the free luggage allowance. A passenger may carry a dog in the passenger cabin if he has a medical certificate; the dog is not allowed to occupy a seat. There are

certain articles (explosive, poisonous, interminable) which cannot be taken on board.


The travel information manual (Tim)


TIM is a joint publication of several 1ATA airlines. It’s published to keep airlines and their agents informed with current official information on govern- ment travel regulations, procedures and restrictions for nearly 200 countries in the world.

Government requirements are listed under the following headings:


1. Passport. 2. Visa. 3. Health. 4. Tax. 5. Customs. 6. Currency.


Documents are checked at the airport of departure – transit – destination. Passport is to be checked as to:

1. Expiry date. 2. The country for which it is valid.


Passports may contain entry stamps or visas that are unacceptable: to the authorities of the country of destination.

Visas are to be checked as to:


1. Expiry date. 2. Validity.


All visas in an expired passport are generally invalid.


Health Regulations are to be observed. It is necessary to determine what vaccinations the passenger requires. Some European countries require smallpox vaccination from passengers returning from. Africa, Asia or America.

Our visas are valid for single entry only and must be used within the pe- riods and over the gateways as indicated therein.

Passengers visiting relatives must register upon arrival and have registra- tion entered in their visa.

Exit permit is required for all passengers who want to leave the country. If the exit permit has not yet been issued by the representation of the country which issued the visa, aliens should obtain it at the latest 2 days prior to depar- ture from the In tourist Service Bureau in their hotel. No vaccinations are re- quired to enter our country from any country.

Free import (for persons of 16 years and older) is as follows:


1. 250 cigarettes or 250 grammas of tobacco products;

2. 1 liter of alcoholic beverages and 2 liters of wine;


3. A reasonable quantity of perfume for personal use;


4. Gifts up to a certain amount of money.


There are some prohibited articles: photographs and printed matter di- rected against our country, live animals (they are subject to special permit), mil- itary arms and ammunition, narcotics (opium, etc.), fruit and vegetables. Cats, dogs and other animals, birds (except pigeons) and fish must be accompanied by veterinarian health certificate (not issued over 10 days to arrival). Pigeons are prohibited for entry. Prohibited for export are: arms, ammunition, precious metals (gold, silver, etc.) and articles made of precious stones, antiquities and art objects (subject to duty and special permit from the Ministry of Culture),



Note: except if such articles belong to Hi imported personal effects of the passenger and have been declared upon arrival.

Local currency in Russia is rouble. Foreign currencies are allowed to be imported unlimited provided declaration is made.

Roubles in banknotes and coins are prohibited to be imported. However, traveler’s cheques in roubles issued by Russia can be freely imported. It is al- lowed to export foreign currencies up to amount imported and declared. Foreign banknotes and coins must be exported within two month; after import. It is pro- hibited to export roubles in banknotes and coins.

However, traveler’s cheques in roubles issued by Russia can be freely ex- ported.

Before the departure the passengers must arrive at the airport at the estab- lished time for registration, checking-in of baggage and cabin baggage. Each passenger is given a boarding card (pass) to be produced at the departure gate and to the stewardess boarding the plane.




1. Translate into Russian


To be valid, free baggage allowance, to pay for the excess weight, to oc- cupy a seat, the adult fare, to take along children, to allow half-fare, to accom-

pany, to pay the full fare, customs-prohibited articles, customs quittance, to re- quire by law, prior to departure, to complete check-in operations, to confirm – confirmation, to make a stop-over, to last, within the period, to deduct – deduc- tion, to rise, to lose, to replace – replacement, improperly, to refuse, to cancel, to deplane, infant, adult, half-fare, prohibit, replacement, improperly docu- mented.


2. Translate the following words into English


Отменить, остановка в пути, удерживать, отказывать, высаживать, закон, удержание, подтверждать, подтверждение, багаж выше нормы, младенец, занимать место, взрослый, сопровождать, запрещать, запре- щенный, до вылета, завершать, требовать, заменять, замена, терять, скид- ка, предоставить скидку, провозить багаж бесплатно, аннулировать бронь, иметься в наличии, установить, установленное время для регистрации, по- садочный талон, предъявлять, следовать на посадку, служащий, пользо- ваться преимуществом, заявлять, отмечать, превышать, действительность

/законность/, загораться, приглашение; отказывать, снимать /удалять/.


3. Answer the following questions


1) How long are return tickets valid? 2) What is the free baggage allow- ance? 3) What is the fare for infants under 2 years of age? 4) What’s the fare if a passenger lakes along two or more chili lien? 5) What’s the fare for a child less than 8 years of age not accompanied by an adult? 6) When do check-in op- erations begin? 7) When are check-in operations completed? 8) When is the confirmation of the reservations required? 9) What happens if a group returns tickets? 10) What is done if a ticket is lost? 11) Why may a passenger dep- laned? 12) Are children allowed to take baggage free of charge? 13) What ar- ticles are not acceptable for air travel? 14) What documents should a passenger have for travel? 15) Are any discounts granted for a passenger with two or more children?

4. Translate the following words into Russian


Establish – established, a boarding card, produce, at the departure gate, to board the plane, to accompany, to enjoy priority (for), to make a stop-over, to announce, to mark, to exceed the time of validity of the ticket, transit tickets, to register, to fasten the safety belts, the sign, to light up, to disembark, on the in- vitation of the steward, to proceed, a carrier, to refuse, to cancel, to remove, to represent a danger, property, to show signs of disease, to cause distress, to be under the influence of drugs, complimentary meals, refreshments, diet food, to be available, for general use, passage-free, separate seat, to be allowed half- fare, postgraduates, a 30 \% discount,


5. Translate the following sentences into English


1) Пассажиров сопровождают к самолету. 2) Я не могу воспользо- ваться билетом, что я должен делать? 3) Могу я аннулировать бронь? 4) Я потерял билет, я не знаю что делать. 5) Сколько неоплачиваемого багажа может провезти пассажир? 6) Могут ли дети провозить багаж бесплатно?

7) Какие вещи запрещено провозить в самолете? 8) Если у пассажира 3 де- тей, всем ли предоставляется место? 9) Боюсь, что я потерял билет, можно выписать. 10) Какие скидки предоставляются: пассажирам? 11) Что обыч- но предоставляется пассажирам в полете? 12) Мне необходимо сделать остановку в Москве, это возможно? 13) Нас будут сопровождать к самоле- ту? 14) В какой срок я могу возвратить билет?


6. Translate into Russian


Joint, publish, to keep smb. informed, current, restrict, to be restricted, re- strictions, to require, requirements, heading, tax, currency, destination, expire, expiry, to be valid, enter, entry, accept, acceptable, authority, validity, unac- ceptable, invalid, to be observed, determine, single entry, within, indicate, rela- tives, upon arrival, exist, amount, prohibit, prohibited, article, print, printed, matter, printed matter, subject to, accompany, be accompanied, health, health certificate, precious, antiquities, art objects, permit, permission, to issue, represent, representation, alien, obtain, prior to departure, free import, beverag-

es, reason, reasonable, quantity, belong to, limit, limited, unlimited, allow, al- lowed.


7. Translate the following into English


Получать, возвращаться, требовать, определить, запрещенный, со- вместный, текущий, действительный, приемлемый, драгоценный, ограни- чение, требование, аэродром назначения, власти, разрешение, срок годно- сти, представительство, количество, за 2 дня до вылета, в пределах 2 не- дель, подарки, предметы, для личного пользования, напитки, принадле- жать, сопровождать, по прибытии, недействительный, неприемлемый, на- лог /сбор/, въезд, разумный /приемлемый/, здоровье, исключая /кроме/, публикация, истечение срока, истекший срок, чужестранец /иностранец/.


8. Memorize the following «N+N» groups


Return tickets, departure gate, excess weight, free baggage allowance, airport official, transit ticket, customs quittance, safety belt, changeover airport, health certificate, check-in operations, city terminal, fare cuts, cabin baggage, expiry date, entry stamp, ground transportation services, government travel reg- ulations, exit permit, health regulations, art objects, Intourist Service Bureau.