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Unit 29 articles 2


 Place names and no article A


 In general, no article is used for continents, countries, states, islands, mountains, lakes, cities, parks, streets, squares, palaces, castles, cathedrals, stations and airports.


Europe /Asia








Mont Blanc/Mount Everest


Lake Lucerne/Lake Michigan




Central Park/Hyde Park


Fifth Avenue/Church Street


Trafalgar Square/Times Square


Buckingham Palace


Windsor Castle


Milan Cathedral


Grand Central Station


Orly Airport




The company went under and they all lost their jobs.(=if a company or business goes under, it has to close because it does not make enough money to continue)


 Place names and the B


 Note that all the following use the:




the Alps, the Bahamas, the Netherlands


the Red Sea, the Middle East, the West End

But NOT if the place is the name of a country or continent: France

Phrases with of

he Houses of Parliament, the South of France

Political constitutions

the Irish Republic, the United Kingdom (the UK), the US

Rivers and canals

the Amazon, the Loire, the Suez Canal

Oceans and seas

the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Mediterranean

Roads with numbers

the M6 (motorway), the A1

Theatres and galleries

the Globe (Theatre), the Uffizi (Gallery)


the Marriott (Hotel)

Famous buildings

the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, the White House



 Special uses of the C




Competition hotted up and we were forced to cut prices.(=to become more exciting or dangerous)





The United Nations, The World Bank, The IMF

Adjectives to refer to

a group

The unemployed do not receive enough help.

The..... of a/the.....

the end of an era, the start of the project

Some time phrases

in the past, at the moment, in the future (but at present),

the 1960s (decades), the 21st century (centuries)

Points of the compass

in the north /east/south /west, in the south-west

Playing instruments

I play the piano/guitar.

Job titles and official


The Marketing Director, the Prime Minister said ...

(But NOT title + name: Prime Minister Tony Blair said

...) City Snapshots: a monthly guide for the business traveler, (asia-inc magazine website).



 Special uses of 'no article' D



Company names

I work for Accenture.

Years, months, days

in 2001, in July, on Thursday

Special times of the


at Christmas/Easter

Some parts of the day

at night/midnight/sunset (BUT the morning, the


Means of transport(in


by car/taxi/train/bus, on foot (BUT on the train to Rome)

Meals (in general)

Dinner is at 7.30. (BUT There was a dinner at the





The deal went through and our jobs were saved.(=to be officially accepted or approved)


 General and specific meanings E


 When we use a plural noun or an uncountable noun on its own it has a general meaning when we put the in front it has a specific meaning. Cars are much safer these days. The cars we make are built to last.

Taxis in Singapore are abundant and reasonably priced, but hard to find during rush hours, when it rains and between 11 pm and midnight. The taxis from the airport to the central business district cost around $12. (asia-inc magazine website)




The meeting dragged on and we seemed to be getting nowhere.(=to continue for far too long)




Exercise 1 (A, B, C, D)

Underline the correct words.



1 We went to Pisa/the Pisa and saw Leaning Tower/the Leaning Tower.

2 Crete/The Crete is very beautiful at this time of year.

3 My son is in hospital/the hospital and can't go to school/the school.

4 You can go from Heathrow/the Heathrow by underground/the underground.

5 Helmut Kohl/The Helmut Kohl was Chancellor/the Chancellor who helped to reunite

Germany/the Germany.

6 We flew over Alps/the Alps and saw Mont Blanc/the Mont Blanc.

7 In near future/the near future videoconferences will replace many meetings.

8 I'm tired! Thank goodness it's time to go home/to home.

9 New York/The New York is in United States/the United States.

10 I usually have lunch/the lunch at about one.

11 I used to work for Deutsche Bank/the Deutsche Bank in City of London /the City of

London at start/the start of my career.

12 My son wants to go to university/the university after his exams.

13 Do you know Lake Windermere /the Lake Windermere? It's in Lake District/the Lake

District, in north-west/the north-west of England/the England.

14 I bought this suit from Bond Street/the Bond Street.

15 The Government should do more to help the poor/the poor people.

16 On our trip to UK/the UK we toured around south-east/the south-east and visited

Canterbury Cathedral/the Canterbury Cathedral.

17 They wouldn't pay, so we took them to court/the court.

18 John/The John is at work/the work at moment/the moment.

19 We travelled to Italy/the Italy by car/the car.

20 Danube/The Danube is the main river in Central Europe/the Central Europe.


Exercise 2 (E)

In each pair of sentences, fill in one space with the and the other space with a dash

(-) to show no article.


1 a) ..... profits are increasing across every division of the company.

b) ..... profits we made last year were up in comparison to the year before.

2 a) ..... information in your report will be very useful to us. b) ..... information about the Kazakh market is hard to find.




An opportunity came up to sell our goods abroad.(=if a problem comes up, it suddenly appears)


3 a) ..... visitors should sign their name in the book at reception. b) ..... visitors from Germany will be arriving at ten.

4 a) This magazine article gives ..... advice about which stocks to buy. b) Thank you for ..... advice you gave me last week.

5 a) ..... bonds I have are all long - term investments.

b) ..... bonds are a safe investment when interest rates are falling.

6 a) ..... French exports to the rest of Europe are up 4\% this year. b) ..... French are world leaders in the luxury goods market.

7 a) ..... management is an art, not a science.

b) ..... management are blaming the unions for the breakdown in negotiations.


Exercise 3 (B, C, D)

Complete the second sentence so it has a similar meaning to the first sentence.


1 Tracey is the team leader.

Tracey ..... of the team.

2 Your goods are on a ship at the moment.

At the moment your goods are ..... sea.

3 The meeting has ended.

This is ..... meeting.

4 Brighton is at the bottom of a map of England.

Brighton is ..... south of England.

5 Do you have the Internet at your house?

Do you have the Internet ..... home?

6 We walked to the station.

We went to ..... foot.

7 We employ 250 people at the moment.

We employ 250 people ..... present.

8 Daniel is still in his office.

Daniel is still ..... work.




Trade picked up after some initial difficulties.(=to start to improve after having problems)


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