Название: Business Grammar Builder. Деловой английский: грамматика (Л.В. Корухова Н.Н. Новосельцева)

Жанр: Гуманитарный

Просмотров: 4302


Business Grammar Builder is for students who want to study and better Business English grammar. It can be used either in class as a class grammar reference book or at home as a self-study grammar book.


Many points of Business English grammar are explained in the book and there are exercises on each point.


The book is intended mainly for intermediate students (students who have already studied basic grammar of English). It concentrates on those structures which intermediate students want to use but which often cause difficulty. Some advanced students who have problems with grammar will also find this book useful.


The book is not suitable for elementary learners.


There are 40 units in the book. Each unit concentrates on a particular point of grammar. Some problems are covered in more than one unit. The units are organized in grammatical categories (Conditionals, The –ing form etc.). They are not ordered according to level of difficulty, so the book can be used selectively and flexibly in accordance with the grammar syllabus being used and the difficulties students are having.


Each unit consists of two parts. In the first part there are explanations and examples; in the second part there are exercises. The exercises can be done individually, in class or as homework.


At the back of the book there are six Appendices. These include irregular verbs, spelling, verb + preposition, adjective + preposition, noun + preposition, determiners.