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Unit 25 make, do, get, have


 Make and do

 There are many common expressions based on make and do. There is no general rule, although often make is used for a product or result and do for a process or activity.

You make ...

an appointment with sb. / an arrangement with sb. /sb. angry, sad, etc./

an attempt to do sth./ sth. better, lighter (comparative adjectives) / a bid for sth.

/ a call to sb. / sth. clear / a complaint against sb. / contacts / a decision / a difference to sth. / an exception I an effort / inquiries/ an excuse / a good impression on sb./ an investment / a loss / a mess / a mistake / money / a noise / a note of sth./ a plan / sth. possible / a profit / a promise / progress / sb. Redundant/ sense of sth./ a start/ a suggestion/ sure/ yourself understood

You do ...

the accounts / your best/ business with sb. / the cleaning, shopping, etc. / a course in sth. / damage to sth./I economics at university / everything you can to help / sb. a favour / a job for sb. / nothing / overtime / research / something about it / a test on sth. / well, badly at sth. / without sth. / work for sb.


Note: sth. = something and sb. = somebody.

 We use make to mean 'produce' or 'manufacture'. Products are made in a country, made by a company and made of a material like plastic/leather, etc.

 We use do to mean 'perform an action' when we are speaking generally. Can I

do anything to help you? What did you do at the weekend?


 Get

 Get has the following basic meanings:

obtain/buy I got this shirt from Harrods. receive/be given I got an email from Frank yesterday. become It is getting late. Shall we stop now? move/arrive somewhere I get to work at nine.

bring sth. to a place/fetch Can I get you anything from the drinks machine?



A number of theories were put forward at the time about the possible causes of his death. (=to suggest something for other people to consider and discuss)


understand I am sorry, I didnt get that. persuade sb. to do sth. We tried to get them to agree, but

they refused.

travel by/catch I got a taxi from the airport.


 Have


 We use the verb have either like 'possess' or as an action (= do something).

I have a Ferrari and a VW Golf (= possess)

I had an interesting conversation yesterday. (action)


 We can use have got in place of have when it means 'possess'. This is very common in British English.

I've got a good job in the City. He's got an MBA from Insead.


 Here are some examples of have used like 'possess':

things / people have a new car/job, have two sisters, have a baby

appearance have long hair, have glasses

personal qualities have a good sense of humour, have a lot of energy ideas have an idea, have an / no alternative, have a / no doubt illness / injuries have a cold, have a headache, have a bad back

 Here are some examples of have in its other use as an action verb: eat / drink / smoke have a coffee, have a glass of wine, have a meal, have lunch/dinner, have the steak, have a cigarette

have + noun have a meeting (= meet), have a drink (= drink), have a look (= look), have a wash (= wash), have a break (=break) other phrases have an accident, have an appointment, have a chance, have a day off, have difficulty (in + -ing), have a guess, have a holiday,

have milk (in your coffee), have time, have second thoughts, have trouble

imperatives Have fun! Have a good time! Have a nice day! Have a go!




They have taken over five smaller banks in the past two years. (= to get control of a company by buying it or by buying most of its shares)




Exercise 1 (A)

Complete the sentences with make or do. You may have to use a past simple form.


1 I'm sorry, the President is busy. You'll have to ..... an appointment.

2 The insider dealing scandal ..... a lot of damage to his reputation.

3 I think France Telecom are going to ..... a bid for Telecel.

4 Could you me a favour? Could you ..... some more coffee?

5 I think we should use another agency to ..... the cleaning.

6 Don't worry, just your best. We all ..... mistakes.

7 OK, shall we ..... a start?

8 The builders so much noise that it was difficult to ..... any work.

9 We business in the Ukraine for three years before we ..... a profit.

10 We some tests last week and I think we ..... progress.

11 We have to a decision. We can't just ..... nothing.

12 I hope we can send a technician to ..... the job this afternoon.


Exercise 2 (C)

Look at the form of the word have in the sentences below. Put a tick () if the sentence is possible. Put cross (X) if it is not possible.


1 It's OK, I don't need any help, I'm just having a look. 

2 I'm having one brother and one sister. 

3 She's a good team member - she's having a lot of energy. 

4 Why not join us later? We'll be having a drink in the bar. 

5 OK, I've decided. I'm having the steak. 

6 You'll easily recognise Anna. She's having short brown hair and glasses. 


Exercise 3 (C)

In three examples in exercise 2 the word have can be replaced by have got. Write the sentence numbers below.


..... ..... .....


Exercise 4 (C)


Complete the sentences with a word or phrase from the list below.



Before I come to a decision Ill have to think over their offer very carefully.(=to think very carefully about an idea or plan before you make a decision about it)


alternative appointment chance conversation break day off difficulty doubt the fish go headache holiday look lunch meeting time word


1 I'm having a ..... with my bank manager this afternoon.

2 Did you have a good ..... ? You went to Greece didn't you?

3 Did you have a good........ ? You went to that Greek restaurant didn't you?

4 If you have a ..... , could you have a ..... at these figures?

5 I didn't have any ..... to look at the report yesterday. I'll do it today.

6 I'm sorry, we have to stop your credit. We have absolutely no ..... .

7 It's been a long meeting. Let's have a short ..... and then meet back here in twenty minutes.

8 Good morning. I have an ..... with Catherine Booth at ten o'clock.

9 Let me see. I think I'll have ..... It's normally very good in here.

10 I have no ..... at all that he's telling the truth. He's a very honest person.

11 I had a lot of ..... understanding the technical details in his presentation.

12 I've got a bit of a ..... I think I'll take an aspirin. If it gets worse I might have to have the ..... tomorrow.

13 I'd like to have a quick ..... with you about the new product launch.

14 Have a ..... ! I'm sure you can do it!

15 I had a very interesting ..... with Tony over lunch yesterday.


Exercise 5( A , B)

Complete the dialogue with a correct form of make, do or get

IAN: Helen, you've been (1) ..... a lot of overtime recently! Are you hoping to (2) ..... promoted?

HELEN:No, it's just that I haven't been (3) ..... this job very long and I really want to

(4) ..... a good impression. In the last place I worked they (5) ..... a lot of people redundant, including me.

IAN: Really, why was that?

HELEN:Well, the company just wasn't (6) ..... very well.

Basically they (7) ..... into difficulties by expanding too quickly. They (8) ..... a big investment in Latin America

but they hadn't (9) ..... their market research properly. So they just couldn't

(10) ..... enough money.

IAN: So what did you (11) ..... then?

HELEN: Well, it was difficult for a while, although the company was very good to us and we (12) ..... a lot of help in applying for new jobs.




A record company that recently branched out into radio.(=to start doing something different from what you usually do, especially in business)


IAN: Well, at least that's something.

HELEN: And the redundancy package was quite good and I (13) ..... some money on some shares I'd sold, so I had enough money to last me a few months while I applied for other jobs.

IAN: So, how long was it before you got this job?

HELEN: Well, about two months. I put my CV on the web, and I (14) ..... quite a few replies.At the time having the Internet at home (15) ..... a big


IAN: Yeah, it's great, isn't it. I couldn't (16) ..... without it. I even

(17) ..... my shopping on the Internet now ..... .

HELEN: Then I (18) ..... an interview here, and they (19) ..... me an offer the next day, and I accepted it straightaway.




Work on the tunnel stopped when the money dried up.(= if a supply of something dries up, it comes to an end and there is no more available)


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